EKSEPTION INFLUENCER MARKETING AGREEMENT 1. DESCRIPTION OF SERVICES During the term (as defined below), Influencer agrees to provide to Brand the following services: ● 3X Instagram stories per 2 week ● 1X Instagram Post per 2 week ● 1X Instagram Reel per month ● Said services would go on for an exclusive term of 6 months effective from the date this agreement is signed ● Influencer should not be contracted by other parties to do promotional content that has a conflict of interest with the Ekseption 2. RELATIONSHIP OF PARTIES This Agreement does not create an employee/employer relationship between the Parties. It is the Parties’ intention that the Influencer will be an independent contractor for purposes. 3. PAYMENT During the term (as defined below), Influencer agrees to provide to Brand the following services: ● Ekseption will be beauty consultants and will be the one in charge of Influencer skin conditions for the duration of the agreement. ● Ekseption will offer free products, the pricing of products can be referred to the website ● Ekseption will offer a remuneration of a commission of 15% of sales through an affiliate program of Ekseption products from the website when a customer has used the promo code assigned to Influencer 4. TERMINATION Influencer and The Byuti may each terminate this Agreement in writing for any reason that can be deemed acceptable by both parties. Termination will be effective on the date of such notice. 5. NOTICES All notices required or made pursuant to this Agreement to be given by the Parties shall be given in writing either through e-mail to the following addresses of record or through any messaging apps that are approved by both parties. Influencer’s email address: Influencer’s mail address: COMPANY NAME email address: COMPANY NAME mail address: You hereby agree that all agreements, notices, disclosures, and other communications that COMPANY NAME provides electronically to you satisfy any legal requirement that such communications be in writing. All communications via email shall be deemed received by sending an email to the email address listed above. All non-email communications shall be deemed received five days after it is sent via Malaysia Mail to the physical address listed above. 6. ENTIRE AGREEMENT This Agreement, constitutes the entire contract among the Parties pertaining to the subject matter hereof, and there are no warranties, representations or other agreements in connection with the subject matter hereof, except as specifically set forth herein.